ZEISS Supreme Primes 5 Lens set T1.5

Full Set - Day Rate:$600.00

Pick 3 - Day Rate:$350

Pick 1 - Day Rate:$125

Key Features
  • Prime Lenses for PL-Mount Cameras
  • T1.5 Maximum Aperture
  • Each Lens Has a 16-Blade Iris
  • Similar Physical Dimensions
  • Designed for 4K Resolution
  • Excellent Low-Light Capability


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About the ZEISS Supreme Primes 5 Lens set T1.5

Covering a 46.3mm image circle, the Zeiss Supreme Prime T1.5 Lens can be used with full-frame and Super 35mm sensors. The internal focus design of this compact lens ensures very minimal focus breathing. The lens has an interchangeable PL mount and is marked in feet. The fast T1.5 aperture of the Supreme Prime lens allows for low-light capture, while smooth transitioning between in-focus and out-of-focus areas results in pleasing focus falloff and greater depth in the image. The lens has a 16-blade iris and smooth 300° focus rotation. The minimum focus distance is 13.7″. Each focal length is color-matched with the rest of the Supreme Prime lineup and shares many other consistent features, including standardized positioning of the focus and iris rings. All of the Supreme Primes in this set have a front diameter of 95mm.


5 Lens Set of Zeiss Supreme Primes
25mm T1.5
35mm T1.5
50mm T1.5
85mm T1.5
100mm T1.5

*additional focal lengths available as substitutions or add-ons



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