COOKE Panchro/i Classic Full Frame Prime 6 Lens Set T2.8

Full Set - Day Rate:$950.00

Pick 3 - Day Rate:$550

Pick 1 - Day Rate:$200

Key Features
  • Covers Large-Format Sensors
  • Vintage Cooke Speed Panchro Look
  • Hardened PL Mount with /i Technology
  • T2.8 to T22 Aperture Range
  • 0.8 MOD Geared Focus & Aperture Rings
  • 9-Blade Iris, Distance Markings in Feet
  • Clickless Aperture Ring


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About the COOKE Panchro/i Classic Full Frame Prime 6 Lens Set T2.8

The Cooke Panchro/i Classic T2.8 Full Frame Prime Lens combines the warm look of a vintage Cooke Speed Panchro with the convenience of the /i Technology lens data capture system. This updated full frame redesign works with both digital cinema and film cameras, features focus scales on both sides marked in feet, and covers full frame image formats. The set has a nine-blade iris for a cinematic bokeh, and a common 110mm front diameter. For optimal performance, the aberration, flare, and distortion correction extends over the entire image area and throughout the T2.8 to T22 aperture range. The Panchro/i Classic Primes are color-matched with Cooke’s S4/i, 5/i, mini S4/i, and Anamorphic/i lenses. Each Panchro/i Classic Prime lens sports both a hardened PL mount and a cable connection that uses Cooke’s /i Technology to transmit lens data, including focal length, aperture, focus, and depth of field to compatible cameras. The 135mm Panchro/i Classic Prime lens features a 25.8″ minimum focus distance, a relatively light weight, and a compact length of 6.6″. This lens is constructed with 0.8 MOD geared focus and iris rings for use with follow focus, zoom control, and wireless FIZ systems. A large lens barrel, an increased number of focus marks, and Cooke’s cam-style focus movement enable precise focus pulls.


5 Lens Set of Cooke Panchro FF
18mm T1.9
25mm T1.9
32mm T1.9
50mm T1.9
75mm T1.9
135mm T1.9



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